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ThIS pose is like thaT


This pose is like make-up sex.


This pose makes you feel like you’re dating a stripper.


standing leg raise

Use this pose to get rich.


eagle pose

Skip marriage counseling.  Instead work on this pose.  


crow pose

This pose is like anal.


gorilla pose

This pose is like a dirty selfie.  But don’t worry your face is covered.


twisting lunge

This pose will tell you whether or not your marriage material.


crescent lunge

This pose is like that bumble date.


flip dog

This pose feels like being at a dive bar.     

prayer twist

The first 30 days of living with your partner.  Every little thing bothers you.     

side plank

This pose is like masterbating.    

extended side angle 

That point in your relationship when you want to either learn more or you’ve had enough.   

extended mountain 

When you see your partner naked for the first, don’t rush through but don’t move too slow. 


warrior two

Do you wear the pants in your relationship?  Let this pose teach you about you.    

warrior one 

This pose is like that feeling after a shitty breakup.   

halfway lift 

Do the pose, then move on. 

chair pose

This pose is like that first date.  

low plank

Work this pose til you have no ass.    

high plank 

Stay focused, stay focused, stay focused.   

downward dog

Imagine you have your worst enemy between your knees.