next training fall 2024
oct 12 - dec 15


To be so comfortable failing, getting wrong, screwing up, being bad that you are so free to try.  We don’t care about lectures, telling you whats right or wrong, we dont know.  We are interested in the development of personal freedom.  You are free to be you and in the work of discovering who you are.  When you understand this, being of service is the natural progression.


This gives us a sense of vulnerability. This part opens us up to our edge.  This is the only way to learn something new. 

This gives us a sense of meaning.  When we see something just as it is, without delusion or avoidance, we better understand its place.  Integrity is exposed when conflict between what is inside our minds vs what is actual.  In these moments of conflict, we may habitually resist or avoid – in subtle ways. We practice exposing our minds deceptive ways that lead us away from truth.  When we expose it we now have the choice to understand it.  By working through it, we build stronger integrity.  Have you ever met an authentic person, that didn’t possess integrity?

This gives us a sense of being calm and alert.  We know ourselves to the extent that we know our limits.  As you breakthrough limits you tap into parts of yourself that didn’t exist.  That the joy of life.  That’s our natural state. 

"the risk of being honest, involves the risk of offending"

Our conviction is self study and awareness.  Communication is an inexhaustible human privilege.  Thats its blessing and curse.  We study simple words, language, and ideas and then test the truth of them by putting these agreed ideas to action.    


We will work true north alignment throughout 53 power yoga poses, giving us a real life understanding of how an aligned body feels.

We will work our minds to distinguish truth from fiction.  We will use the yoga poses and meditation exercises to access greater clarity of mind.

We will inquiry into the root of challenging ideas, allowing us to be more comfortable in the space of not knowing.  The comfort of the ground allows for the discomfort of space. 



oct 12 – dec 15

*training every weekend within dates


12:30p – 4:30p


1:30p – 5:30p

*no training nov 30 & dec 1

Ready to begin your ADVENTURE?


- 18 training sessions

- 10 weeks

- 11 challenges

- 50 yoga practices



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what's this training all about?

w/ Steve, lead trainer

A: You are not going to study and read a ton of books.  There will be one required reading and several recommended readings.  The emphasis of training will be action oriented. We will practice putting concepts to action, quickly and often. Activities like cold showers, tough conversations, video recordings of self, will be used as tools to conquer your nerves and fears of what others think.  Public speaking is the #1 fear of humans.  Why is this? When we don’t know what others are gonna be thinking of us and have no immediate feedback or reassurance it can be scary. The better you become at overcoming these nerves the more control and power you gain over you life.  Stress doesn’t depress you instead it elevates you. 

A: Yes, partially true. And you will be giving the information in training. But teaching our style of power yoga is not like other forms fitness that may just bark orders. (It’s also not just talking in a high pitch soft voice.)  There’s a subtle feedback loop in teaching our power yoga. There is a subtle art of listening and moving them through that skill of listening.  A specific example that we mean by this is active listening for students breathe.  Then moving them with your raw unfiltered expression based off that connection you make. Teaching our style is like playing in a band or coaching a sports team.  As teachers/leaders we are trying to get the whole to work as one.  This listening opens our heart where we access a new place to speak from.  When we teach from the heart more people will be inspired and more connections made, just like a great band or inspiring basketball coach.  Teaching from the heart, requires vulnerability since you will be risking “messing up”.  But the beauty is few care if you say the wrong word when you’re showing them your heart. They will feel something powerful and fresh that words can’t clearly convey.  Your way of being will make others feel a certain way.  That’s the spirit of teaching.  

A:  That skill must be practiced over and over when you teach.  You may forget to be in the act of listening when you have your words down, but you must always remember to come back to what you don’t know keeping your eyes and ears wide open for a new discovery.  Otherwise you will just become a robot teaching to other robots, you become scripted and dull.  Lifeless and uninspiring.  The growth and confidence within each of us derives from our insatiable curiosity that is more interested in learning and trying than the fear of rejection. 

A: Your voice.  A big part of communication is how you use your voice. We will train in various exercises that will work the range of your voice.  We will work on grounding your voice to create a more presencing effect for your students.  You will also exercise the highest range of voice and lowest range of voice.  A healthy body is when that is strong yet soft and pliable with great range of motion.  The same is true with your voice.   

A: We will study and practice 53 poses within Baron Baptiste’s Journey into Power Sequencing.  We will learn this sequence and build an understanding around its purpose. In short we will learn the direction of our practice, we will learn the direction (or alignment) within the poses, and we will learn tools for accessing a stronger presence throughout the poses and the practice.  The main difference between a teacher and a student, is the teacher is highly responsible for making decisions.  And if you’re making decisions you must A.) be confident in the direction and B.) be adaptable on your way there.  All of these tools will translate to your life via a career, relationship, and overall well being.

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