First Time to REWILD?

Take the leap. stay healthy. Get started.

what to bring

Bring a yoga mat

If you don’t have one, we sell high quality Manduka mats. Also we rent mats for $3.

Bring a towel

You’re gonna sweat. Bring at least a hand towel or a full length yoga towel. We sell towels upfront and rent towels for $2.

Bring a water bottle

You can use your water bottle to fill up at our water station. We invested in a filtration system to ensure pure water with added minerals. Also we sell NOOMA hydration drinks.

studio feel

wood floors

Our floors are disinfected after every class.  The entire studio is cleaned, toilets, sinks, all floors every day.  Our front desk are floors are made of concrete, and studio area of wood.  Our floors are heated, for a perfect touch.

Lime-washed Walls

Our walls were coated in lime wash minerals giving it an ancient look, but also this type of mineral is fire retardant, antiseptic, antifungal, odorless, and non-allergic paint.  

Robust Air Ventilation

We’ve invested in an Energy Recovery Ventilation. This robust unit pulls stale air out of our heated yoga room and pushes fresh air from the outside into our heated yoga room.  This keeps our studio air fresh. 

Free Parking

You can park in the View on 5th Parking Garage (the building REWILD is part of). Grab a ticket and we will validate it for you. Or you can park across the street behind Zest Juice,