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student evalutions

round 12

Meet Brandon, Gitanjali, and Greg.  A miraculous day, eyes of a child, and mad selfies. 

round 11

Meet Greg, Alyssa, and Chop.  Cheerful yogi, Reese Witherspoon look-alike, and Mike Tyson in a football uniform.

round 10

Meet Tea, Emily and Chad.  Tea, not coffee.  Words of poetry.  Six pack abs.

round 9

Meet Dan, Sarah, and Mel.  Great teeth, an energy to cure cancer, and great vocal feedback. 

round 8

Meet Mitchell, Jordan, and Brenda.  Hair like a 13 year old going through puberty, practicing yoga or practicing Hang on Sloopy w/ OSU marching band?, and you always being in a good mood is putting me in a bad mood. 

round 7

Meet Keriann, Emily, and Max.  Easily amazed, the second decade of life, and same shirt everyday.  

round 6

Meet Ross, Monica, and Jim Ryan.  Gorgeous thick black hair, zip lock bags, elaborate Indian weddings, unsophiscated men, two first names, and promptness. 

round 5

Meet Juan, Margo, Swssett.  Preparing for game 7 of Stanley Cup Finals,  Annoying dogs, and too perfect of practice.  I still don’t know if we spelled ‘Swsett’ right.   

round 4

Meet QT, Nora, and Taylor.  Getting high, armpit hair, and fluffy flip flops.  This is a disturbed family. 

round 3

Meet Maxi, Sarah, and Claire.  Pro football players, hot mom’s, and dirty feet. 

round 2

Meet Gabby, Cooper, and Lauren.  Bumble dates, cheesy tan lines, and stiletto toes. 

round 1

Meet Jordan, Andrea, and Hannah.  Lululemon gear, No poker face, and too many clothes.