Music is played based on the feeling of the room - typically 2-4 songs. Conserving songs, make them more precious and therefore felt.



Through the noise we better recognize silence. The contrast helps achieve presence.


Our effort, in Sanksrit called, "sthira", means strong and stable. We build strength through a rock solid foundation. This is the hard.



Ease, in Sanskrit, means "sukha." We contrast the effort and ease but really they work together. So we strive to practice strength in a relaxed manner.


What you focus on you find. Our power yoga has structure that forms discipline and consistency which allows you to work deeper into your breath, your body, and your mind. The new discoveries you make on your mat, is the gold of the practice. This will empower you to have a deep conviction and trust in yourself.



The rules and discipline are often what make the game fun. We breathe together, we sweat together, we struggle together, and we have fun together. If its not fun, whats the point?