Experience REWILD with your community, your people, your colleagues, your family.

REWILD, designed with careful attention to detail,   embodies the opposition of old and new, living and dead, using raw materials to convey the deeper meanings of life and what matters. Connection.

We cherish the platform and energy we established and are enthused to share it with our community. Our vision is for many wild stories to unfold creating memories to cherish and deepening human connections.


Heated floors are throughout the entire space, keeping your roots, I mean feet, warm.

High ceilings in front area.

Large wood split doors can be full open making the entire space one. Or can close and divide into two.

Space is very symmetrical.

Lots of fresh wood part of design gives a fresh scent.

Two restrooms.

Over 50 cubbies.

Private Events $125 per hour.

Photoshoot $45 per hour.