Interested in teaching at REWILD?
Below are the steps to begin your journey.
We value the integrity of our mission and teachers that are aligned. Our greatest value is those unafraid to be themselves - free of their shell, in their evolution of growth and connection towards community. Going through our BE BAD program is not required by highly recommended. The reason is we value and emphasis certain qualities, that may not exist in other trainings. *Baptiste inspired training programs are highly recommended.

Be the energy you want to see. The energy of our community happens through our leaders.

BE BAD | new teachers

What we're looking for is simple. How present and aware you are is everything to us. When you understand the basics really well, teaching becomes simple, creative and fun.

Step 1

  • why interested in teacher?
  • why interested in teaching at REWILD?

Step 2

Pre-Community classes

  • video 2 classes teaching friend / reworker / teachers or self taught in your own practice
  • practice taking your own class 2x that was on video- give feedback to Steve
  • keep it the sequence of Journey into Power, for the purpose of simplicity (we care less about your creative sequencing and more about your understanding of the body and the poses.  The fixed sequence will challenge teachers understanding of body cues, breathe cues, and depth of awareness.  Creative sequences may come later and more naturally when there’s great understanding of basics. 
  • IF APPROVED 8 weeks begins

Step 3

Community classes

  • after 1, 2, 3, or 4 community classes, if progress is sufficient teacher can begin subbing for further education, no pay, not on team yet.
  • sub 8 classes
  • 3 more community classes w/ live feedback

Hired Teachers


  • upon initiation receive welcome pack / standard of teacher / value of teaching / core philosphy of RY style
  • sign teacher contract, pay plus agreement
  • photographed / professional photos 

TEACHER responsibility

  • arrive 30 min prior to class
  • stay 15 min to talk to students
  • announcements end of class
  • recognize all new people to studio and encourage trial pack and to try other teachers

Rewild Motto

UNTAME | drop out of your head, get real with what is

CONFRONT | meet resistance, with awareness

NATURAL STATE | let it fly, be yourself