material vs spiritual

Material world give us security.  Everything we can identify.  Eg., our names, our sex, our views, our car, our partner, etc.  We know we need this so it’s easy answers.  But also has limits.

Spiritual world gives us insecurity.  Nothing we can identify.  No words to describe it.  No script.  We don’t know we need this and there are no answers.  But also no limits.

When we cling to material we meet limits.  This makes us shallow and poor in our energy.  This is the area of the usual.

When we surrender to material we breakthrough limits. This makes us deep and rich in energy.  This is the area of the unusual.

In our BE BAD training we practice understanding this with each other in real time.  We won’t study any one tradition.  But we take a little from many.  We will test theories through various practices to inspire our own realizations.  REWILD YOGA inspired by Baptiste Yoga and the Journey into Power sequence, will use this methodology for the physical yoga and share in much of the values, without the script of this method.

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