authenticity vs memory

To speak from the heart, is where our authenticity exists.  To speak from the head is where our memory exists.

When you don’t know exactly what you’re gonna say, yet you can remain calm and patient truth may come out of you. Truth is funny. Truth is hard. Truth is uncomfortable. It’s real. It’s right now. It’s that tension and release that we can all relate to so it pulls us in for the ride when we hear someone speak from truth. Although it may turn some away who aren’t ready, but it draws others to feel a closer connection. When we speak from script people tune us out, because they’ve heard it before or they remain comfortable in the dullness of the known or familiar. The truth is a line between the known and the unknown, that’s why it’s edgy, captivating and sometimes controversial. Get comfortable in the unknown and a truer newer version of you may unfold. Sometimes ugly sometimes beautiful. Don’t judge it, that’s when you lose it. This is what makes it life exciting not dull. This is why we practice and teach – to wake up to life. not fall asleep to it.  This is what we mean to “untame ourselves”.  To let go of your memory and be open to what is.  In that mental space of the unknown you allow your naturalness to arise.  This is a split hair difference between trusting memory and clinging to memory.  When I trust my memory, not cling or rely or be dependent upon it I leave space for the new, the unknown, and original creation. It comes originally from me in a new way. REWILD YOGA, our style of power yoga is a discipline that not only gives us a direction to offer release in the body but also to release of the mind and the thoughts, images, and past history that exists in the mind.  We can read articles online, watch trainings online, but until we put ourselves through the work of training and immerse ourselves in bootcamp the information only exists in our head. In our BE BAD yoga teacher training this action of making ourselves vulnerable – naked to the past, we allow space for spontaneous action, where we feel most alive.  Check out our yoga teacher training