origins of REWILD

I was searching for a different yoga experience that I could not seem to find.

I was seeking an experience that was physically and mentally galvanizing. I wanted to be poked and prodded and tormented to feel the experience of my body and mind in a safe yet challenging way.

I wanted a teacher to direct me there confidently and then give me space to figure it out. This is how I grow, this is how I experience life in a new way. This dissatisfaction lit a fire in me to make a change. I took patient steps in my pursuit. First getting certified as a teacher. Then teaching at gym to explore my unique style. I had a deep understanding of my purpose in teaching and this is what energized me. The poses can be very creative, powerful and numerous, but if it was just physical it would eventually become mundane, at least for me. This is what compelled me to teach – the principles of the practice offer this profound understanding of our basic humanness and our intimate relationship to the natural world. The more and more you practice the more you see the truth in this. But there was no way I could ever totally figure this out, yet this is precisely the sense of wonder I would relish.

I spent over three years teaching beginner students at a gym and honing my craft, trying new ways, and continuing to deepen my practice – physically, mentally, spiritually. To relate with students was imperative if I wanted to successfully land my message. If I could not establish a connection than my words become mostly futile. Creating this environment of community which stems from connection, would be essential to the success of my vision.

I had to find teachers that understood this vision. So this began a two year pursuit of finding and recruiting teachers. I did not want this philosophy to end with the teachers. This would be a short sighted vision. I wanted this belief system to permeate throughout everything I was creating within this world of a yoga studio. Therefore every creation must bring intention and meaning that stems from this very idea of naturalness, rawness, authenticity.

To be oneself without worry of others thoughts. Yet we must know ourselves to really be ourselves. To know ourselves we must be brutally honest and emphatically curious to learn ourselves. For me my yoga practice influenced me dramatically in looking inwards for a better understanding, this is where our spirituality exists, inside us. When we deeply understand ourselves connection becomes simple with anyone. Having the curiosity to know ourselves then the courage to be ourselves, is the path to naturalness.

The name REWILD couldn’t be more fitting for our mission. To return to your natural state. In other words to be your most natural self. Like a child who acts spontaneously and naturally without the awkward self consciousness. This is showcased in all materials that correlate to the mission of naturalness, including the logo and design of space. So excited for future revelations. Stay tuned.